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Here’s some interesting facts about To stat if you are anything like me then you then like things simple and simple is what aims to be. The best thing about it may lack some of the frills other sites boast about however that is what makes it simple and easy to use and it is free for everyone.

Another interesting fact that is sure to catch you guys and gals attention, with the exception of the age of 18 which is required to use this site, unlike Plenty Of Fish aka POF where the guys are age restricted to who they can contact, aims to treat everyone fair guys and gals and treat them like the grown up adults they are. Therefor has no age restrictions for its users who they can or can not contact. And guys and gals if you like this freedom concept it is important to keep in mind that without users like yourself this site means nothing and therefor the success of depends on its users to spread the word about in order that may grow to be successful for everyone.

Thanks for reading!