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Looking for YOU

Gender Male
Age 39
Status Offline

My fantasy football team will kick some a$$ this year, guaranteed.. I’m a huge sports fan and usually have season tickets to all of the Houston teams (Tejans, DizAstros, Sprockets)….

a little about me:

1. I will give her father “the talk”

2. My passport requires no photograph

3. When i drive a car off the lot, its price increases in value

4. Once a rattlesnake bit me, after 5 days of excruciating pain, the snake finally died.

5. My feet don’t get blisters, but my shoes do

6. If i were to punch you in the face you would have to fight off a strong urge to thank me.

7. I can speak Russian… in French

8. My tears can cure cancer, too bad I never cry

9. I once brought a knife to a gunfight… just to even the odds..

10. My friends call me by my name, my enemies don’t call me anything because they are all in the ICU..

I graduated “Texas State University” and now work as a Software Engineer.. Yea, i stare at thousands of code everyday…. But i’m good at it and i love it….

If you’re a down to earth women, email me……..